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What to write when you don’t know what to write.

I joined Medium ( today. I’ve used the site for years but never joined. I like that each article comes with a number of minutes you could potentially waste by reading them. What a great idea to track how much work I didn’t get done while falling down this rabbit hole! Anyways, on the landing page for my account it simply said write a story so this is that.

This is my first “story”. I have no idea what story to tell. I’m currently sitting at my farmhouse listening to music- both the Beastie Boys and crickets chirping. Maybe they really dig the music from the stereo? Maybe it’s mating season and they’re all freaking out. Who knows? Actually probably Google…or Siri… or perhaps Alexa? The inimitable them. They always know. I may be losing my mind out here. It’s amazing where your thoughts can wander to when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

In front of me is a 4×4 wall-size bookshelf holding an eclectic collection of reading material ranging from conspiracy theory to Harry Potter, although that does bring to mind some interesting ideas I heard about that series.

It’s fall and that smell in the air of burning fires that you can never seem to find hangs heavy in the air. There’s that feeling of the years’ end rushing at you and you begin to look back at the year to see that you haven’t wasted it. Inventory what you’ve lost and what you’ve gained and see if you’ve broken even. No matter since you’ve still got a few months to even the odds.

I suppose that’s enough of my ramblings for now. There’s pecan pie to be eaten and some star gazing in my future.

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